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Re: The Silmarillion 1982 Super Deluxe #90 [eBay]

Subject: Re: The Silmarillion 1982 Super Deluxe #90 [eBay]
by Khamûl on 2012/2/16 12:58:02

Thanks guys. I genuinely didn't think I'd ever acquire this particular Silmarillion --so uncommon, and so expensive. Which was annoying, as I actually wanted to have a good look at its bibliographical features. But, luckily, this one dropped into my hands, as it were. The price wasn't too shabby either!

The auction doesn't quite tell the story though. The spine is actually better than it looks in the sellers pictures; I'm quite happy with that now --the white just seems to have come off. However, after receiving, I discovered an issue; or two! Not a handling issue, but a manufacturing fault.

Part of two of the gatherings are entirely loose i.e. the pages are unbound --this being the middle of the fifth gathering (covering pages 139-150) & the middle of the ninth gathering (covering pages 267-278). In both cases this is three full sheets. They still sit very flush (when the page edges are viewed from the fore-edge, head [gilt], & tail) with the other (bound) pages around them.

You could miss them, easily --but I'm a pedant & I soon teased out the issue. I have removed them both once, to note exactly what is loose & what is not. That's it; I won't be going near them again, as they have been sitting nice & tight for nearly thirty years, & I'm only going to work them looser. The seller, because of these issues, provided a partial refund.

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