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Question regarding the Pocket Hobbit

Subject: Question regarding the Pocket Hobbit
by Adrian on 2012/2/18 4:34:51

I have a few questions regarding the pocket edition of The Hobbit that was released a few months ago. Judging from the pages that are viewable on Amazon, it contains Christopher Tolkien's preface that was first published in the 50th anniversary edition of The Hobbit in 1987. This preface included several illustrations and facsimiles of two manuscript pages. Are these facsimiles also included in the preface as it is reprinted in the pocket Hobbit? I know the 70th anniversary edition (2007) had the preface (in its entirety? Tolkienbooks.net says it is an "excerpt"), but I believe the facsimiles were omitted, which was the reason I did not buy it. Can any of you tell me whether this new edition does include the manuscript pages? The illustrations were probably reprinted in Hammond & Scull's Art of the Hobbit, but I am interested in (a full version of) Christopher's preface and the manuscript pages.

Also, is its printing/binding any good? I do not expect stellar quality at that price (or from HarperCollins in general), but still...
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