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Re: Beowulf and the Critics: Second Edition

Subject: Re: Beowulf and the Critics: Second Edition
by Morgan on 2012/3/13 14:50:01

And I was almost hoping no one would ask...

Alright, I'll have a try:

Quality and binding:

A typical sturdy university hardcover book, if you know what I mean. Hardcover without dustjacket. Glossy finish. I'd say that the overall feeling and quality of the book is similar to The Lord of the Rings 1954-2004 (edited by Hammond and Scull), although the former is a tad larger.

A picture of the cover can be seen on the publisher's website:

http://acmrs.org/publications/catalog ... en-revised-second-edition

(Aesthetic note: I would personally have chosen a font in a lighter colour for the cover - it's a bit hard to read the text on the spine, especially in a dark environment.)


Question: "I have the first edition - why would I want this?"
Answer: The new edition includes corrections and new material:

This is a completely corrected, revised and expanded edition. The expansions include the text of a previously unknown note by Tolkien that was part of the drafting of Beowulf and the Critics (found by Christopher Tolkien and included with his permission in this volume), an identification of all the voices in the "Babel of Voices" allegory, and a discussion and illustration of the structural evolution of "Beowulf: The Monsters and the Critics." The corrections are thoroughgoing: I proofed the entire thing against the microfilm (my reading of Tolkien's handwriting has inexplicably gotten better) and received help from many scholars as well.


In other words: sell the first edition to me for a cheap price, and get this one instead!

For me it was cheaper to order this book from Amazon.com than to order it from Amazon.co.uk.
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