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Re: US Silmarillion - Proof Copy

Subject: Re: US Silmarillion - Proof Copy
by remy on 2012/3/24 16:21:23

Many Thanks again.

What I am really wondering is whether it came with a removable plastic cover with a printed verticle title on the spine of the plastic covering stating "Tokien . The Silmarillion".

I managed to acquire a copy a year or two ago, but was/am not certain if it was issued in the removable plastic cover. Somehow I doubt it.

My presumption is that somone added the plastic cover and printed title, but would just like to be 100% sure if this was an integral part of the proof or not.

It is already issued with printed titles etc on front cover of wraps, so maybe someone just wanted to be able to identify it when they looked at their bookshelf.

Anyway, I just wanted to be 100% sure. Didn't want to remove the plastic wrap and chuck it in the bin only to find out at a later date that it was issued this way!!

Many Thanks.
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