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Re: Children of Hurin

Subject: Re: Children of Hurin
by Stu on 2012/6/2 3:07:18

Peeta wrote:
Hi, i recently purchased a 1/1 HC CoH signed and dated by Alan Lee. Previous to this book i had the deluxe, super deluxe, 1/1 HM and a second printing HC printed and bound in the USA. I've noticed a few things when comparing these different copies, which gives rise to a few questions. First thing i noticed about the signed copy was that it was much heftier than my other two regular copies, much more like the deluxe edition. Second thing i noticed was that the book was either bound extreamely tight or the book has gotten very hot and has somewhat warped the pictures (just curious if anyone else's copy is similar to this). Another thing i was curious about is why HC also printed copies in the USA for sale in the USA? The second printing that i have seems to be very cheaply made, which is why i was suprised at the weight of the signed copy, and is taller than the HM edition. Thanks for any help!

The HarperCollins printings of CoH certainly differ between territories. The Australia/NZ 1st printing was printed by Hong Kong Express (from memory) and was of a higher quality binding than the regular UK 1st printing. I wasn't aware of a USA printed HC version, though, and that seems odd as HM owned the rights for the US? My UK 1/1 does have a slight "wrinklines"s to the pages where they join the spine, making them less pleasant to leaf through, and this may be what you are talking about with your copy.
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