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Re: CT 2012 French Language Article/Interview in Le Monde

Subject: Re: CT 2012 French Language Article/Interview in Le Monde
by Peeta on 2012/7/12 10:48:26

I have to agree with Uruloke, things inevitably change with time. We have to remember that PJ is not the first to make a movie out of The Hobbit or LOtR, and in my opinion his movies are a far cry from the adaptations made in the 70s. I believe that the main reason the new movies are causing anyone to get upset is because they actually are good, visually and story wise, but it is a pain to not be able to think of Frodo without imagining Elijah Wood. But at the end of the day the movies cannot hold a candle to the books and that will never change, whether rights are sold for 100,000GBP or multi-millions, the ink on paper will always remain invaluable.

I will say that I'm glad that there will never (more than likely) be adaptations of The Silmarillion. It's possible we'll be seeing some actor as Turin in the future, but I think Beren and Luthien are safe as well as the Valar. My personal take is that LOtR and The Hobbt were meant to be mass audience entertainment, so I'm glad I'll probably never see a producer try and put the Battle of The Powers or Thingol and Melian entranced for years or the Trees of Valinor and so on onto the big screen. It's true, there are images and voices that will be in the back of our minds when reading LOtR but take heart that some things will remain sacred!
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