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Re: CT 2012 French Language Article/Interview in Le Monde

Subject: Re: CT 2012 French Language Article/Interview in Le Monde
by Stu on 2012/7/12 3:16:33

Reading the article, it does amuse me how upset the Estate gets about the Movies (beyond the Hollywood execs trying to stiff them, that is!). The existence of the movies (which I personally detested) doesn't change the content of the books at all (and besides, the Estate does seem happy to allow the publication of lucrative film tie-in editions that further cement the relationship between the books and the films. This seems like hypocrisy to me).

CT needs to have more faith in the books and their ability to stand the test of time, I think. Or perhaps he needs to have more faith in the readers. Either way. The books haven't changed, they haven't become something else because JRRT *sold* the rights to have them turned into all manner of crap including the movies.

Really, the Estate do need to get some perspective. Tolkien wasn't an Albert Einstein or Leonardo Da-Vinci. He was a man who was skilled with languages and wrote a relatively small number of (publisher-friendly) stories that have divided opinion since they were published and will continue to do so.

Philosophical Impact? Maybe the Estate should just be happy with how many books they have sold and how many people have *enjoyed them*. Personally, I can't imagine there will ever be a book that I enjoy more than the LoTR. But I certainly don't think it is "important" or philosophically relevant (and the movies haven't influenced my thinking on that). No disrespect to CT, but I think he has been so entrenched in his father's work that he has lost perspective of what matters.
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