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Re: CT 2012 French Language Article/Interview in Le Monde

Subject: Re: CT 2012 French Language Article/Interview in Le Monde
by Stu on 2012/7/16 15:22:03

Khamul wrote:
Sorry, but of course that's his point. The movies are, for a start, derivative; additionally, in my opinion, they're crap --as they have very little in common with the works of J. R. R. Tolkien. That these are better known (if that is actually the case) is a travesty, both for fans of literature, & for The Tolkien Estate --as they are a catastrophic misrepresentation of the literature they derive from.

This in itself is not (or does not need to be) particularly important to you or me --but it is for a the heirs of J. R. R. Tolkien, whose job it is to preserve & share the literature (& its "message", whatever that may be) that Tolkien left the world. I suggest to you that Christopher thinks Jackson has made a poor job of this.


Out of interest, is CT on record as having an opinion with regards to the BBC Radio dramatisation of the LoTR? I thought that it succeeded in pretty much every aspect where the movies utterly failed.
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