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Re: _Fall of Arthur_ in 2013?

Subject: Re: _Fall of Arthur_ in 2013?
by Khamûl on 2012/8/31 2:57:47

You'd have to take this case by case.

Some books haven't been reprinted. Therefore regardless of where you're buying from (i.e. you could still be buying it "new" from a seller, or on the second-hand market) you'd be getting a first impression. Useful, as you don't need to ask sellers questions about what the copyright page says. But for other titles you would want to ask.

So with the 2007 Deluxe "30th Aniversary" Silmarillion you wouldn't need to bother asking about impression, as it hasn't, as far as I'm aware, been reprinted. Ditto, the 2002 Deluxe Silmarillion. The 2004 Deluxe (red incarnation) LotRs you would want to ask about impression, as it's been reprinted at least twice. I'm not sure about the HC Deluxe S&G; I'd imagine it's not been reprinted.

Either way, for a title with a reasonably large print run you'll always have the opportunity to pick up an essentially new copy (& first impression) at some later date. Cheaper? --depends on the title. Amazon also discount pretty effectively at publication time.

It really depends on how sellers deal with the title a few years down the road; & how many casual Tolkien fans bought the book too, & now want to sell. The 2007 Deluxe Silmarillion is a great example of a title that you would have been better just buying off Amazon at publication time, as prices (for a variety of reasons) & availability now make acquiring a copy, for a sensible price, very difficult.

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