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Re: _Fall of Arthur_ in 2013?

Subject: Re: _Fall of Arthur_ in 2013?
by Khamûl on 2013/4/20 11:00:54

Sorry, am I the only one permanently exacerbated by the UK (the world's?) biggest bookselling site? Amazon is in danger of losing, utterly, any credibility, whatsoever, as a reputable bookseller; if it hasn't already. It seems to esteem low price over literally everything else. Nielsen's is another one, with its spurious book data (supplied to eBay sellers) e.g. The Silmarillion: published "31/12/1977". What is this garbage?

I type "fall arthur tolkien" & it finds the standard Hb. Note the listing, that Amazon have assigned, is just the title ("The Fall of Arthur") as you'd expect; the search that comes up is actually "fall arthur tolkien". So Amazon is doing a good job of guiding silly old me, who can't search properly... Oh, hold on: if I'm being shown the search for "fall arthur" why is "The Fall of Arthur (Deluxe Edition)" not showing up in this search!? Surely it should be showing me everything with the words "fall" and "arthur"? Do they want me to find the damn book or not?!

You know, if the service we were getting was actually better than what Amazon has utterly destroyed (i.e. a diverse book market), it would be justified; call it progress. But what we have now is poor, poor, poor. When I search on Abebooks too all I'm seeing now is atrociously listed books; & these are overwhelming the small minority of decent quality booksellers. Then there's HarperCollins, one of the biggest publishers in the world; can't run a website. The market is totally broken...

Old man rant over.

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