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Re: _Fall of Arthur_ in 2013?

Subject: Re: _Fall of Arthur_ in 2013?
by Stu on 2013/4/22 4:01:00

Khamûl wrote:
Hmmm... I agree with Laurin666 though --if the NBA (Net Book Agreement) still existed in the UK (it fell apart in the 90's) then bigger booksellers simply wouldn't be able to undercut smaller independent bookshops. And, I suspect, more would survive.

I still step into literally every bookshop I pass on the street; be it a secondhand bookshop (independent, Oxfam, etc) or Waterstones. I don't check my phone to see if I could get it cheaper online. If it's the book I want I buy it. However, I'm not on the high street that often any more.

Nobody posting here is a normal book buyer though. We'll pick up a Hb in a store and not buy it because it's a second impression. The problem is normal buyers are not buying on the high street. Overall, I don't really have a problem (in some respects) with the high street bricks & mortar stores disappearing --provided the replacement is better. It isn't.


It is a globalisation issue. Local laws are largely irrelevant because cheap bulk postal agreements mean that the online retailers can just operate from different territories. Australia is a good example -- it is cheaper to buy books in the UK and ship them than to buy them locally, so local price controls probably would not be effective.
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