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Re: _Fall of Arthur_ in 2013?

Subject: Re: _Fall of Arthur_ in 2013?
by Stu on 2013/5/20 1:46:17

Khamûl wrote:
By "last two" --do you mean S&G & CoH? Was this the trade Hb or deluxe, or both? Without prior knowledge how would you tell them apart now? And by that, I mean, is the printer a AUS/NZ printer?


Yep, S&G and CoH, Trade editions. I'm not aware of any difference on the Deluxe Editions.

With regards to CoH, the UK 1st print was printed by L.E.G.O, SpA , but the Australian one was printed by Printing Express Limited, Hong Kong. The UK one has paper boards, and the AU/NZ one has some kind of impregnated cloth. The AU/NZ one has an unpriced DJ, which is otherwise identical to the UK one. I have attached some images.

I don't have the AU/NZ edition of S&G (as I always expected to pick it up for tuppence -- and I haven't come across it as yet). However, I inspected it in the shop when it came out and it had black boards, as opposed to the brown boards of the regular UK edition. I can't remember who printed the AU/NZ edition - I did take a couple of pictures on my phone at the time, but they are long gone, unfortunately. I do remember that the quality of the boards on the AU/NZ S&G seemed poorer than the UK edition.

Edit: I'm reliably informed that the AU Edition of S&G bears the text: "Printed and bound in Australia by Griffin Press".

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