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First Edition Silmarillion?

Subject: First Edition Silmarillion?
by Matt B on 2013/1/4 7:15:43

Good day! I joined these forums because I was given something that I'm not quite sure of. My sister had found a copy of The Silmarillion at a used book store for $5.00. It appears to be a first edition. However, I have no real way of knowing. Or, for that matter, if it holds any real value.

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It does have a map attached to the final page:

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But what I was mostly curious about was a signature on the right side of the inside cover:

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And then a serial number?

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It may all be nothing. I'll admit, I have no experience in rare books or collecting. But the fact that it's a London-printed 1977 edition was enough to spark my curiosity. I've seen versions with this cover being sold online anywhere from $20 to $650. So that tells me either there are true rare first editions and some not-so-rare prints...or there is no true value inherent in this book and it's just a matter of what you can convince someone it's worth. Any help you all could offer would be immensely appreciated!
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