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Re: Children of Hurin Bookplates (Quantities and Editions)

Subject: Re: Children of Hurin Bookplates (Quantities and Editions)
by Trotter on 2007/4/19 0:36:00

At the UK event when you first went in, they had mainly trade copies with bookplates and a few Deluxe copies. They also had numerous copies of book volumes without bookplates and a supply of bookplates. So if you asked for a Deluxe version with a bookplate, they would put one in there and then.

This means that is pretty much impossible to say exactly how many of each exist. They had a lot of bookplates, and I think my guess of about 200 is probably pretty close. The first set of people into the store, such as myself, all bought 1 Deluxe and 1 Trade edition with bookplates, they stopped this after about the 15 person and just said that they could buy one copy only. I suspect that the later people in the queue only bought the trade version, because of the difference in price (£11.99 for Trade, £60 for Deluxe on the day).

The Trade copy on Ebay was bought by a family in front of me, who bought at least 5 copies of the Deluxe Version and 5 of the Trade (so I expect they have a few more copies to put on Ebay).

I am keeping both my copies though.
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