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Re: Dodgy Children of Hurin Bookplates on Ebay

Subject: Re: Dodgy Children of Hurin Bookplates on Ebay
by dunedain on 2010/9/5 14:16:35

Just thought I would add to the discussion a little.

I managed to procur a few of the US Deluxe Editions with the signed bookplate from a couple of people who worked for one of the business involved in the release at Waterstones. Part of my purchase agreement was not to divulge the identity of the individuals or what company they worked for. Since then I have come to the conclusion that there were a number of extra's of the bookplates that did not make it into the trade edition or deluxe editions that were sold at the release date party(s). Once all of the UK books were sold, they were stuck into the only available Deluxe Editions, (which got a higher price) which happened to be the US version which was released a few days before I received them (after shipping from the UK). I have no reason to believe that they are fakes, as I have compared them to many copies in my own collection/inventory, and they appear to be genuine in every respect.

One other point to make for discussion purpose's only. I also discovered that the newly stuck down plates were very easy to lift and replace. I had one book that had a bad binding error, and I tried to lift it, and it was quite easy to remove. Just a little bit of carefull pulling from one corner, and the whole bookplate liften right off, leaving no residue, and was able to stick back into it's current residence, still in my personal collection.

Also in the US, if you could not make the signing even in New York, you could simply call in and place an order for up to two of the signed copies and charge it to your credit card. Luckily I figured this out a couple of days before, and managed to get two direct from the bookseller Barnes & Noble. Just thought I would mention that, as anyone could have purchased that way. Maybe next time around someone will benefit from that knowledge.

Also, I have run across about every variation possible on the Alan Lee signatures, date, no date, signed to the bookplate, not signed on the bookplate but on the title page, extra drawing by AL done on the front endpaper, etc. Just about anything you could think of he would do, given the time. With the number of signing he attended with a few days of release the number of permutations is almost endless.

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