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Re: Amazon.co.uk has Children of Húrin Super Deluxe

Subject: Re: Amazon.co.uk has Children of Húrin Super Deluxe
by Beren on 2007/11/25 2:27:29

I did arrange a deal for European customers before the day of the sale and did manage to order 'a lot' of copies for many Tolkien collectors on the European continent before the shop opened up. I was not aware then that they would not open up at all for the US and so did not ask more. I did spent a huge amount of money to be able to help out a lot of Tolkien collectors over here... since I was at that time only aware of the fact that they would only sell to the UK. So I did what I could do at that time and bought straight from HarperCollins and with the high postal and insurance costs the copies I arranged for the collectors over here turned out to be much more expensive then £350.

If I receive an order of 5 or more US collectors (that is 10 copies in total) I can of course do the same thing for the US collectors, but be aware that the copies will become more expensive then £350. If the order is large enough, I'm sure I will be able to arrange another deal with HarperCollins.
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