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Re: Amazon.co.uk has Children of Húrin Super Deluxe

Subject: Re: Amazon.co.uk has Children of Húrin Super Deluxe
by Urulöké on 2007/11/26 11:31:23

On the CoH Super Deluxe: I also agree that the 50% margin (or so) is certainly what is keeping HarperCollins from using normal distribution channels on the book. I would love to see HC and Houghton Mifflin work more closely on certain titles like this, but HM does put out their own deluxe editions from time to time that are not just mimics of HC editions. Clearly HM hasn't put out signed/limited editions before, but I think it is more up to the Tolkien Estate for the agreements it signs with various publishers. HM has US rights, and there is nothing HC can do about it. With Beren's offer and connections with HC, those collectors who really need help to get a copy should be able to get one. I also agree that there will be a steady supply of these for a while via eBay and other reseller channels once HC releases them in early December. The book does look awesome (virtually) compared to other super deluxe editions in the past though. Can't wait to see it in person to see if the manufacturing quality is up to the description (and price!)

On the Box Set: Given the resale value of the individual books on the secondary market, I think some collectors will pick up the boxed set and use the meta-slipcase to hold the first impressions they already have, and try to sell off the later impressions as superfluous. It is quite a price to pay for just the extra slipcase, and I for one can't afford the shipping costs for the whole set to the USA, so I will have to pass for now. I don't know what the market is that this set is targeted at either. It's a really big cardboard sleeve for $400... It's also like those Harry Potter boxed sets that came out before the full seven books were published. They had a slipcase for the first two, then a slipcase for the first three, then... I wonder what the collectibles market will be for those "incomplete" boxed sets in time. What I would like to see is a slipcase for that "essential Tolkien collection" that Amazon had - that would be a big slipcase!
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