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Re: Amazon.co.uk has Children of Húrin Super Deluxe

Subject: Re: Amazon.co.uk has Children of Húrin Super Deluxe
by Deagol4 on 2007/11/28 13:54:13

I seem to have formed the HarperCollins Defence Association...!

Can I point out that 3 of the 4 books in the deluxe collection are 1st Impressions? Also, the deluxe Hobbit is still available from Amazon.co.uk (and TolkienBooks.net!) for 60 GBP. Based on current prices for the volumes at Amazon you would pay 181 GBP, so that puts the slipcase at 19 GBP - not a bargain I admit but HC aren't directly competing with Amazon in this case.

I don't believe that this set is aimed at those collectors who already have copies of the deluxe editions (I count myself as an unusual exception), rather it is for newcomers. It may take a year or two to sell them but they will sell steadily I think.

With regards to the books being sold in America, any US seller is allowed to sell HarperCollins editions. UK sellers can also sell to US buyers. It is HarperCollins (and presumably their wholesalers) that are restricted from selling copies to US dealers or individuals. If HarperCollins were to distribute any edition in the U.S., via Houghton Mifflin or with their permission, they would have to pay a royalty which (I presume) is what they want to avoid in this case.

As far as I can tell, previous deluxe editions were sold by the publisher directly and via booksellers, but the U.S. exclusions still applied. I think this is the first really expensive edition to be sold since internet shopping has become so popular, so there hasn't been the opportunity, or need, for the publisher to be the sole source before - which is perhaps why the inability of the publisher to sell directly to the U.S. hasn't been highlighted before.
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