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Re: Upcoming Dutch Auction

Subject: Re: Upcoming Dutch Auction
by Mithrennaith on 2008/5/15 17:32:51

Yes, I bought both. I went there in person, it's only about 40 minutes by public transport. As I got wind of this notice (courtesy of Tinfang) too late, I could not go to the viewing days.

Both lots are as described - when you note (it's described on the auction house's site somewhere) that dustwrapper not mentioned means no dustwrapper.

The Dutch first edition I got for the low estimate (which is where Bubb Kuyper always starts the bidding) of € 50, as no-one else was bidding. Adding 20% costs and sales tax (19% over the costs only) that makes € 61,90, about $ 90 at that time. The soiling of the covers is very slight indeed, the M-e map has a slight tear not really affecting the printed area, the map of Gondor c.a. a grease stain well outside the printed area.

One should note this is a real first printing, there never was any further printing of the first edition, the second printing is already second edition (Dutch publishers at that time used to number printings continuously, nowadays they usually make a mess of things). The Dutch first printing in this state, even without dw, should do about € 50 - 80 per volume, so this was cheap indeed!

The UK first edition I got for € 160, as one pre-entered bid was running against me. So with costs and tax that is € 198,08, about $ 290 at that time. There is slight wear at the ends of the spines and corners of the covers. Included was a Billing first printing Sil (with dw), and 10 other completely unrelated 70s UK titles (all hardbound with dw) of about € 10 trade value.

I think this is about par, or slightly under, for 5th/5th/3rd printing in this state without dw, the pre-entry bidder at € 155 knew what he was doing, taking into account shipping (I had to pay a few euros train fare).
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