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Re: The Super Deluxe Children of Hurins are out

Subject: Re: The Super Deluxe Children of Hurins are out
by Khamûl on 2007/12/14 12:04:09

11! That's just not fair Beren!

The number on the delivery box matches the number inside on mine too. So I suppose for those who want to keep a copy totally unopened this is pretty useful (particularly if you sell it in the future.)

I got 58 - happy with that. Have to have a closer look at this 'flaky' problem; didn't notice the first time I had a (careful) look.

(From a purely aesthetic bibliographical perspective; not a collecting one) the nice thing is you can handle it (and will be able to if your so inclined); what with it being full leather. Unlike those 1/4 leather black cloth incarnations from a few years back. That cloth (after a good bit of handling) looks too prone to threading & showing grubby marks. At least in 50 years time this edition should still be in sound condition. Although the lettering and helm might not fair so well! Case it a nice touch too.

Anyway, it is nice...

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