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Re: The Super Deluxe Children of Hurins are out

Subject: Re: The Super Deluxe Children of Hurins are out
by Khamûl on 2007/12/14 12:33:05

remy you must have got a pretty small number if you ordered in the morning. The times I gave were just when the emails arrived in my inbox. I didn't get to check my mail until that evening. So I didn't order & pay until about 8 o'clock in the eveing of the 19th. In fact the 10 o'clock email from TolkienStore was in my junk folder!

Just had a close (close) look at my copy. There are some tiny areas of blue showing through the gold on the front, but nothing I wouldn't have expected.

Close examination of the leather shows that... well its a piece of leather -and isn't perfect. My copy also looks a bit scuffed around one of the corners on the inside; but its just where the leather has been tooled round and gathered under the glued endpaper.

The gold lettering/design (generally) doesn't look too robust, but has anyone got any books where this kind of workmanship looks like it could be roughly handled (esp. when onto leather)?

For those of you with copies sitting on the otherside of the world in packaging - the choice of returning any damaged copy is also impractical. By the time you guys get to see your copies, HC will probably not have any copies for you to replace it with in any case. I think the poster on the HC forums is just being a little too picky. This is a physically made book after all; it's not meant to be perfect.

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