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Re: The Super Deluxe Children of Hurins are out

Subject: Re: The Super Deluxe Children of Hurins are out
by Deagol4 on 2007/12/14 15:07:00

My copy arrived today! Number 53 - same as on the label. No defects that I can see.

I ordered at about 6.30pm on the day it was announced. I was SUPPOSED to be on annual leave that day but had to go into work - how annoyed am I now. I could have been rivalling remy and Beren for those really early numbers!

Incidentally, I think that there may be plenty of copies left. I know somebody that didn't order until December 4th and they got copy number 133. Considering that at least 60 copies sold on the first day, they aren't exactly flying off the shelf...

Has anybody tried placing a second order to get around the 2 copies per person rule?

I was a little nervous about the colour, having seen the pictures on ebay, but it is a good dark blue - not quite as dark as the pics at tolkien.co.uk though.

I like the book - it is weighty and feels solid. I would have preferred them to position the ribs on the spine to match the full leather editions issued by A&U in the 80s, but the spine looks good any how - better than the A&U editions in some respects, because the lettering is clearer. The two-colour dragon helm insignia on the upper cover looks wonderful, but I would have preferred the JRRT mongram on the lower cover to be a bit larger and blind stamped - the blind stamping on the 80s A&U editions works really well.

I am less enarmoured of the clamshell case. Not for any reason of quality - It is well constructed and will keep the book in A1 condition - even better than a slipcase - but closing the lid just doesn't FEEL the same as sliding a book into a well-made slipcase. [I just got up to try out the '82 Collector's Silmarillion again - it just GLIDES into the slipcase - that is possibly my absolute favourite book!]

Overall I am very pleased - the new edition is a worthy addition to Tolkien publishing history.

BUT how long will we have to wait for HarperCollins to produce a super deluxe LOTR???
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