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Re: Easton Press editions of Tolkien books

Subject: Re: Easton Press editions of Tolkien books
by Urulöké on 2007/12/13 0:11:18

I haven't noticed much collector interest in first impressions of these (they were reprinted for a long time with no indication of which print run it was.) Hammond's Bibliography does not give any real details on these except mentioning that they were first published in 1984. It's been a while since I have had one in hand but from what I remember, these were not available from the publisher for a long time during the '90s. The "Revised Edition" tag was added around when the movies came out and Easton Press re-released the set.

You seem to be already aware of this, but I mention it for anyone who may be interested... They are still available new from the publisher (you have to buy all five books, they charge you $59 per month for five months for the five books.) So they end up costing you $59 per book, for a total of $295. Here is the link:

http://www.eastonpressbooks.com/leath ... ode=0193&c=4&source=CU883

These are very nice books - well made, and look very nice on the shelves.

Easton Press has also released other Tolkien books:

Lost Tales I, II and Unfinished Tales

The Children of Húrin

Lord of the Rings Visual Companions - These are the three movie photo books from the Peter Jackson trilogy.
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