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Re: A new collection

Subject: Re: A new collection
by Parmastahir on 2007/12/31 10:50:42

Hi Tom -

As the books are really not my "thing", I really should leave this to Jeremy or Deagol or other book collectors who frequent these forums. If hardcover editions of the books, you should visit www.tolkienlibrary.com Hardcover first editions of the LotR or Hobbit will set you back A LOT.

However, you have posted pictures of the Ace and Ballantine paperback editions, and I have collected a small number of these (including the Ace and the first boxset in the green box). You may wish to visit http://www.tolkienguide.us/index.html to learn more about these sets. To my knowledge, these are all second editions. Nice copies of them can still be found with some luck and persistence on eBay. Depending upon condition, I have seen first printings listed for $50 - 80 per book.

There was only one printing of the Ace set. The Ballantine sets with the Barbara Remington covers probably had 40+ printings. The printing is noted on the page following the title page and the date of the printing will be included. The first printing of these (hard to find in mint state) was Oct 1965.

Perhaps harder still to find is really good examples of the cardboard boxes that the sets came in. Most are worn or split or show some other signs of their age.

Hope this helps and that others offer their advice.

Away from The Green Hill Country,

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