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Re: A new collection

Subject: Re: A new collection
by tom bombadilo on 2007/12/31 11:45:24

What is your "thing" I have never met/ talked to any other lotr collector, any pictures, info, description from anyone would be great!

I plan on getting a 1937 1st/1st printing when I am older and have a substantial carrier, but right now I am only 15 and just starting to collect on a more serious note.

I have been collecting LOTR merchandise for around 9 years, my parents don't think its good, so my mismatched pitiful collection has been bought with the small amount of money I have been able to acquire since I was 6. I haven't been able to buy any real COLLECTIBLES, only 30ish LOTR books common to bookshops (no historical or appreciated value) most film related, posters, maps, flags, swords, figures, clippings from newspapers/ magazines, ect

My collection is like that to a neat pack rat, more of child's play, and of little value on the grand scale. I am now striving to acquire a more mature collection, something I can really be proud of, that has an important historical role in the shaping of a timeless master piece. A collection which truly reflects of the Lord of the Rings as an epic story in middle-earth and that of its evolved history through the last century.
I would like something of REAL importance not like the mass produced "rubbish" I have now. It is fine for what it is, I am not about to go chuck it in the bin, but I have a desire for something of REAL significance.

Back to topic...

The link you gave just what I needed! I am surprised I never found that site combing through Google for hours

You say you have a green box cased ballantine edition! Would you like to part with it

I will start looking for the green box, I do have a question though.
Are the ballantine books from 1965 in the green box bound in green? Or do they have the same cover images of the later editions?

Thank you for your reply, I am so happy to finally get one.

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