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Re: A new collection

Subject: Re: A new collection
by tom bombadilo on 2008/1/1 17:09:34

After brooding unhappily for several hours, I decided to post my pains.
Once again I have experienced the pains of failing to acquire something on ebay. The auction I am about to link ended literally seconds before I could "buy it now". I was viewing the page and I clicked "buy it now" and it was already sold. Moments after I had finished reading the details and consulting Tolkienguide.us (less than a minute maybe) the item was bought. Imagine having the rush of excitement and pleasure coursing through your veins; then in a single instant it cut short. I have lost auctions before that I have bid on, and I was of course disappointed at the time, but never have I clicked "buy it now" to discover that I have been beaten. When you bid on any item you know that there is a great possibility that you will be out bid, but having the feeling of all certainty ripped from you, was a new ebay experience for me. I admit I swore loudly, and was quite angry with the buyer, but now I come here for your opinions on the item up for auction.

I am under the impression that a Ballantine Silver Jubilee Edition in great condition was a steal of a deal for 20.00usd

Here is the ebay auction
http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll? ... eName=STRK:MEWA:IT&ih=006

When deciding to buy it in the one minute after I read the description, Tolkienguide.us influenced my decision a bit.


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Ballantine Silver Jubilee Edition, 1981-1985
Cover illustrations by Darrell K. Sweet
The "Silver Jubilee" set commemorating the 25th anniversary of the release of The Lord of the Rings was boxed in the gold "Heraldry" slipcase. These books were also boxed in a golden brown slipcase with matching artwork. Newly revised editions of The Hobbit and Fellowship were released (Jan82, Mar84) in these covers, and the print numbers were started over with one(1). Ballantine has stopped labeling each print year with its own book number, and the box ISBNs are the first searchable numbers found for mass market PB sets thus far. The SBNs for The Hobbit were issued 1981 and 1984. Many databases have image or date errors regarding this increasingly sought after set.
ISBN: 0345296052, 0345296060, 0345296087
Hobbit: 0345296044
1985 ISBN: 0345332083, 0345332105, 0345332091
Hobbit: 0345318587
Box 1983: 0345195299 Box 1984: 0345296079

What are your thoughts? Was it a sore loss? Was it really a bad deal? Was I saved from 20 dollars down the drain? Or did I miss a good opportunity

Thanks for reading and replying

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