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Re: A new collection

Subject: Re: A new collection
by Khamûl on 2008/1/1 10:39:05

Wow! Lots of questions Tom! And answering them could delve us all into Bibliophilic overdrive.

[Some thoughts on collecting...]

First of all I (personally) think you have to collect (or at least start to collect...) what you read. If you read & like Tolkien -collect Tolkien. If you don't read (or like) Harry Potter -don't start collecting it. When you've been collecting for years, your collecting tastes may evolve into something quite different; but I think this is good place to start.

Like any collecting -collect what you want; its not about what anyone else wants to collect -its about what you want to collect. You can be sure of one thing in regards to Tolkien collecting anyway -somebody somewhere will (in all likelyhood) be collecting in the same area as you (mabey not though!)

In the eyes of most people (this company excluded) your already a total geek for liking tolkien anyway! Wait to you tell them you have more than one copy of the same book! or 50 copies of the same book! or hundreds of calendars!

Also, you have your whole life to collect books (or anything else) if you choose to; there's no rush (is there?); and certainly no apparent end in sight even for those with a massive collection and years of collecting behind them.

Most people have a focus for their collection; an area they're particularly interested in. If you collect books generally, Tolkien might be your special area of interest. Within Tolkien collecting you may focus in any number of areas: primary works; only hardbacks; only one title (LotRs); signed books; illustrated books etc etc -whatever.

The aim of this (I think what drives those of us who collect) is to be able to (at least in theory) see a 'complete' collection in this area. Having some focus within an area at least (subconciously) limits you to only collecting within it; and ultimately sets some boundaries on spending.

Ain't got time to finish this (and Rowns has bound in with a fair bit while I was mid-typing this!)

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