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Re: A new collection

Subject: Re: A new collection
by Parmastahir on 2008/1/10 19:27:01

Hulloo Tom -

No, I did not bid on that mint boxed set. (My eBay username is "flyhopper" so you will recognize me!) I dabble a bit in the earliest Ballantine boxed sets. So I bid on a lot of four of those last week: a 1st/2nd/1st/1st of The Hobbit, FotR, TT, RotK. Apparently no one else was interested as I got it for their minimum which was not cheap but still reasonable for 1st printings and condition.

Please don't agonize over losing an auction. I can afford to pay whatever I wish for an item (within reason; I'm not Bill Gates!) I still set a maximum for items that I intend to bid on and still lose out on some. And you will come up against others that (apparently) have an unlimited budget (certainly greater than one's own). Sorry, that's a given on eBay. But they seem to come and go.

Re an item being available once your income matches your want list: I have been able to find and can still find mint copies of the 1973 Ballantine calendar (first in the series) and those are now 35 years old. Others who post here collect the books that are over 50 years old. And others that I know collect proof copies (extremely rare printings sent out to editors and such). Even they are able to find, albeit with some luck and perhaps more persistence and a great deal of networking, items for their collections. So, don't worry too much about that, either!

I'm not familiar with those who purchase the books. I check out the buyers of calendars and now know many of them.

I think finding another set that you can actually "see" (open up and examine) for 1/3 the price is much more satisfying. Mint items are for OCD personalities . . . which I, unfortunately, am. I have collected almost all of the commercial calendars in mint state (either in original shrinkwrap or unopened mailers). But I have a second "reading" copy to examine and enjoy. I think that at this stage of your collecting life, you are (and should be!)in the latter category.

Away from The Green Hill Country,

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