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Re: Anyone see the value in this eBay auction?

Subject: Re: Anyone see the value in this eBay auction?
by Khamûl on 2008/2/9 6:12:51

Thanks for that remy. Well, don't I feel a fool! I was very much one of the confused bidders!

I personally wondered at the lack of 'limited' claim in most of the ABE & Amazon items I pointed out. However if this copy (the Ebay one) was indeed one of the numbered (of 250) copies, it seems unlikely the seller would positively state that their copy was 1 of 100 (... I think...); unless of course they had missed that mention at the back and were referencing from elsewhere.

So are you saying the priority was...
1 of 50; probably all lost
1 of 250; clearly marked as such
1 of 100; not indicated

Assuming the one sold was (as stated) 1 of 100, that would be the same variant/printing that Thornton's are currently listing (which their not really listing anymore, as I just bought it) for £6.

Hmmm... I clearly just bought the latest printing then. Nice content all the same. Still think dunedain8 was stung if the listing is accurate though... Although I clearly have no clue as to what I'm talking about in respect to this publication...

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