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Re: Tolkien's Gedling

Subject: Re: Tolkien's Gedling
by Andrew Morton on 2008/4/6 9:41:38

Hello Dior and Wellinghall

The publication of the book has been delayed a bit, but it should be out at the beginning of May at the latest. The ISBN will be 978/85858 423 2 and I know that the Nottingham bookshops have ordered a fair few copies.

I'm afraid the Nottingham Evening Post went a bit mad on the Jane Neave as Gandalf idea, but that's journos for you. There are a few comments to make on this idea, but I keep it fairly conservative. On the whole, the book is based on detailed research, and has been edited by Wayne Hammond and Christina Scull, who have tried to keep me on the straight and narrow as well as using my research in the corrigenda and addenda to their Companion and Guide.

There's certainly more on Jane Neave (and Edwin)here than has been published before, including some photographs, and for local interest, much on Phoenix Farm.
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