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Re: Signed Deluxe Children of Hurin

Subject: Re: Signed Deluxe Children of Hurin
by Beren on 2007/2/6 0:36:25

It is for sure they were planning a super deluxe edition. First I did receive info on this and even received info on ISBN and how it will look like. Then suddenly the project was been rediscussed and put on hold. Reason was new discussion with the Tolkien Estate. Of course this made me think they would proceed from a signed edition by Alan Lee, towards a signed edition with both Alan Lee and Christopher Tolkien.

If they have the project ready and start discussing with the family I thought it would be about time and place to get the signatures of CT. Then one month later they told me to contact them again in January 2007, and said things had changed and that it was unsure there would come a signed edition in April 2007. So there for I contacted David Brawn in January and you saw about 60% of my answers and questions.

Something went wrong, or pre-orders of the normal deluxe edition are not as high as they expect, or something completely different.... I can contact David Brawn again for more answers if you wish. But if i do so i will need a full list of new questions. So people, if you need to ask anything to the Tolkien publishers just say what you need to know!
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