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Re: Lord of the Rings Boxed Sets

Subject: Re: Lord of the Rings Boxed Sets
by Deagol4 on 2006/6/5 13:33:03

The research involved going through over 5000 letters in the archive - not all Tolkien related, but still lots of reading and note-taking! I have covered the period 1957-64, but still need to cover 1952-56 to get the complete story - another 4000 letters. In the meantime I am about to start work on an article on the1964 Deluxe Edition. I have all the info for this, so it should be a faitly simple process. There was some correspondence between Rayner Unwin and Pauline Baynes regarding the artwork for the slipcase, which is interesting once you decipher PBs handwriting!

I haven't seen a great deal of correspondence regarding The Silmarillion, but that isn't surprising, as most of the time I have been dealing with letters to and from printers. The few mentions I have seen so far just say that Tolkien was working on it and maybe it would be ready "next year". There is some correspondence with Clyde Kilby, Dick Plotz, Ed Meskys, etc from 1966-68 that may well cover The Silmarillion. I remember from somewhere in the History of Middle-earth series that Tolkien had a grand plan for the Silmarillion that, if he had completed it, would have amounted to more than one volume, so I wouldn't be surprised if he had shown this to Clyde Kilby.

Will let you know if I find any more detailed info.
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