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Re: Help: Tolkien Deluxe Edition Collection Possibilities?

Subject: Re: Help: Tolkien Deluxe Edition Collection Possibilities?
by Urulöké on 2008/6/14 23:03:06

Hi Jay,

an interesting article on the Tales From the Perilous Realm with insider information can be found at The Tolkien Library here:

Tales_from_the_Perilous_Realm on TolkienLibrary.com

In it Pieter mentions that it is still quite uncertain if the Deluxe edition will ever get made.

For your questions:

1) Can we assume that deluxe edition A is complete, meaning The Children of Hurin (and Tales from the Perilous Realm) will probably not be released as deluxe edition A?

Yes (in my mind). There is no known plan to go back to the leather/india paper format to match newer titles to this.

2) Is the following link of Tales from the Perilous Realm deluxe edition B?

If it gets made, it should be. Note that there is no guarantee that it will match the exact size and format of previous editions. Even for your "type A" some of the books were different heights, so they don't look quite right next to each other on the shelf.

3) Is Tales of the Perilous Realm related to the original four books for it to be released as deluxe edition B?

Not quite sure what you mean? HarperCollins does Deluxe editions of titles that they think will sell enough copies to make it worth while. If they think this book will sell a lot of deluxe copies, they'll make it.

4) History of Middle Earth Vol. I, II, III originally started getting released since 1983, meaning it's like the 25th anniversary right now, and they are definitely related to the original four books, so are there any plans for them to be released as deluxe edition B?

Not that I know of. They have been released in original HC, paperback, the three india paper/black slipcase edition, then a boxed set of the three volume set in black dustjackets, then the same 3 hardcovers in different colors as individual volumes. I'd say the deluxe market is pretty tapped out for these books, but you never know.

5) What about other books from Tolkien that are related to the original four books for them to be released as deluxe edition B in the future?

I believe HarperCollins has said that there is not enough market for Unfinished Tales to be put out in a deluxe edition, but I can't find a source for this memory. Beyond that, since The Children of Húrin did quite well, I would not doubt if someone said that Christopher was working on another polished version of something from his father's legendarium.
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