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Re: Help: Tolkien Deluxe Edition Collection Possibilities?

Subject: Re: Help: Tolkien Deluxe Edition Collection Possibilities?
by Jay on 2008/6/15 0:43:02

Hi Rowns,

Thanks for your quick answers, it's helping me a lot.

Not quite sure what you mean? HarperCollins does Deluxe editions of titles that they think will sell enough copies to make it worth while. If they think this book will sell a lot of deluxe copies, they'll make it.

I guess I'm trying to figure out what books are closely related to each other that you have to read them all to fully understand everything. For example, to read The Lord of the Rings, you really have to read The Hobbit first. Then you can read The Silmarillion to get a better understanding, and if you want even more, you can read The History of Middle Earth Vol. I, II, III.

The two books that I'm not sure are closely related to the above books are The Children of Hurin & The Tales from the Perilous Realm, so are they related enough or not? And since you mentioned it, what about Unfinished Tales, is that closely related to the above books too?

It's good to realize that what you said is probably right on the money, Harper Collins does deluxe editions of titles that will sell enough, whether they are really related to each other or not, and I will most likely collect all their deluxe editions. I'm just trying to see which version is better, A or B:

Version A are six books that are very very closely related to each other.
Version B are obviously missing The History of Middle Earth Vol. I, II, III (which is why I guess I'm hoping for them to release these in this format sometime in the future) but have The Children of Hurin instead (which again I'm wondering if it's related enough to the original six books, as well as The Tales from the Perilous Realm & Unfinished Tales).
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