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Re: Tolkien signature

Subject: Re: Tolkien signature
by Beren on 2008/10/1 7:39:04

Thanks Wayne for joining in and giving your thoughtful reply. We seem to be on the same line for the ebay signature...

But for the notes (abebooks items) I believe them to be genuine.
First of all, it is not atypical for Tolkien to write down or type down the sentence and sign it. I have now found multiple cases where Tolkien did exactly that. The most famous example is the card currently up for sale at Magss (here: http://www.maggs.com/title/AU4228.asp)

Have a look at this:
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You are exactly right about Tolkien being invariably around that time, but I have seen these items before and I have actually held them in my hands. Knowing where they come from and having seen the autographs up close I am almost certain these items are genuine. Originally they were in a signed book, with a handwritten letter and the note and the type letter signed (lacking the top) were together. They belonged to a friend who lived very close the Miramar and frequently visited Tolkien when he was at the hotel.

I can't tell why the typewriting does noet look Tolkien's... but you are correct there. But having seen book, handwritten letter together with these notes (all having the same blue pen autograph) I believe them to be genuine. Still, if I am correct, the note about Priscilla typing out parts of the manuscript might be a very interesting fact, not known before!
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