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Re: Tolkien signature

Subject: Re: Tolkien signature
by Beren on 2008/10/2 2:04:50

Thanks Wayne an Christina,

I'm happy for this very good answer. It is indeed easy to be mislead when looking at Tolkien signed notes. In fact, when I saw them, and was offered to buy them (much cheaper then they are listed at abe) I was very much tempted, but I did not buy them.

Typed notes are always tricky and when you spent your money on them you want to be sure that, if you ever need to re-sell them you want to be able to have good provenance. Or at least that they have something like a date, a known letter-head or something to back up the authenticity.

I did not find anything on these torn sheets that would be a good enough proof for them to be genuine. Together with the signed book and the handwritten letter, it would have been a good extra, but once you see them on theirselves, they become very tricky indeed.

Still, having seen them up close I believe them to be genuine. But you are right about "Gandor" and the other mistakes, it was something that I did not like to see.

While the autographs, when compared to other signatures from the same period look fine to me, put together with all the red flags you mention here, I'm very happy I did not buy them.

Thanks for pointing out the note on Priscilla typing out the chapters, I just did lent a copy of the Tolkien Family Album from Johan Vanhecke. For one or another reason I have bid on that book on ebay for about 50 or more times, but never won it. I have finally bought it now from someone over here in Belgium, but it has not arrived yet.

I should have checked chronology, but did not find it at first glance.
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