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Re: Tales from the Perilous Realm Deluxe

Subject: Re: Tales from the Perilous Realm Deluxe
by Beren on 2008/9/27 9:03:07

They tend to tell me... and I tend to tell it to you all. Most of the times they are not certain what edition will be released and what not. Always having to wait on decisions by the Tolkien Estate. So most of the times the books you start seeing showing up on amazon.co.uk are more or less ideas and no reality all the time.

The paperback silmarillion is nothing more then a reprint of an existing book, if it is already... because not a lot of people bought the second edition of the illustrated Silmarillion. There fore I suspect it is just re-releasing the old stock.

They do this, because of the release of the Silmarillion calendar and diary. Which is always combined with a book release.
No new paintings have been comissioned and so no new edition will come out.

I should either try and make them do press releases or make my monthly questions a routine (in such that i do the press releases for them). i'm a bit of an information gatherer and tend to spread all news around. is just something i like to do!
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