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Re: Tales from the Perilous Realm Deluxe

Subject: Re: Tales from the Perilous Realm Deluxe
by Khamûl on 2008/11/21 1:30:05

I'll get my tuppence worth in, now that I've opened up my copy and had a looky...

Firstly, it is of decent quality; and looks to be one of the nicer versions of the recent deluxe incarnations. I like the colour. The three colour stamp is lovely too; not so plain as the other deluxe's. The book feels a nice thickness as well. Not so thin as say COH, Hobbit, or Silmarillion; but not so bulky as LotRs. So happy on all those accounts...

But what about the 'exclusive' nature of this particular copy? Mabey I'm missing something here. And, perhaps all will be revealed when the 'plain' deluxe surfaces (in December?). Probably not though...

As Stu points out: it was stated (on the HC site) to be numbered, but is only signed on the title page. The copyright page gives the signed edition its own ISBN. And, the cover slip inside the shrinkwrap states 'personally signed by Alan Lee' i.e. is specific for this signed edition.

I have to ask: Is there going to be a 'plain' deluxe, lacking the signature? I take it this cover slip will be altered if there is? Also, is the other ISBN quoted on the copyright page the number for the standard HB (which I don't have), or is this the ISBN for the unsigned deluxe which we haven't seen yet?

And, lastly, what exactly is going to distinguish this 'exclusive' signed deluxe from the unsigned one? i.e. what if someone puts the unsigned one in front of Alan and asks him to sign it? Is it not going to be exactly the same? Unless Alan is really cute about this, and only dates copies he's asked to sign; or even refuses to sign them.

I'm not complaining about the price. We're basically getting a signed copy for the RRP. If you went into a shop you'd have to pay the £60 for the unsigned deluxe anyway; although obviously discounting online exists with Amazon and the like.

So that's all good. It just concerns me that this copy just appears to be a plain copy signed. And, that HC continue to get information wrong on their own books on their own site! The 10% offer is also a nonsense for those who purchased quickly.

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