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Re: BOOK COLLECTING: Moving Your Collection!

Subject: Re: BOOK COLLECTING: Moving Your Collection!
by Findegil on 2008/10/8 19:18:52

Well done, Khamul. Your method was almost the same as we used at the library I work for, to move our collections into temporary quarters (10%) or offsite storage (90%). Since these are worth about $300 million, we had to take a lot of care, and for security's sake packed most of our stuff ourselves. All books that could fit into a standard record storage carton (aka banker's box, knock-up box) went that way, cushioned on all sides by bubblewrap and with more bubblewrap to fill gaps. We had enough boxes (hundreds of them) that we ordered custom-sized and -perforated bubblewrap so that we could avoid a lot of cutting. For the carton, we chose a heavy-duty archival type from the Hollinger Corp. -- the ordinary boxes from Staples or the like are too weak -- sealed it with duct tape, and marked a tracking code on the end. Books that wouldn't fit in the box were wrapped individually in heavy acid-free paper. We didn't move the boxes etc. ourselves, but had a specialist library mover to do the job, one with an extremely good reputation for taking care (which they did, much in contrast to a move of furniture we then contracted with an ordinary, local firm to do). Our rule too was not to stack cartons more than three high.

When Christina moved to the U.S. from London, she had almost no furniture but a lot of books (about 6,000 volumes), so it made sense to hire a professional book packer -- someone who provided the service to dealers at antiquarian book fairs -- rather than a regular removals firm. This person (and assorted relatives) made short work of it, packing most of Christina's books just as they were, in standard heavy-duty moving boxes with bubblewrap and corrugated sheets for cushioning. But for more valuable books we had the packer wrap them individually in heavy paper before putting them in boxes. The man also arranged for the overseas shipping, customs, etc. When the books arrived (in their own huge shipping container) it was the end of October, and we felt it safe to store them temporarily in our garage, which amounted to cold, dry storage. But come spring, with warming weather, we thought it best to bring them inside, away from the danger of condensation within the boxes. Not that we had a lot of room, as I had about 5,000 volumes myself at the time.

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