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Re: BOOK COLLECTING: Moving Your Collection!

Subject: Re: BOOK COLLECTING: Moving Your Collection!
by Khamûl on 2008/10/24 1:49:35

(Stu) I think you'll hit the nail on the head regarding the dustjackets (with Modern 1st Editions). You basically want to stop the dustjacket moving; provided you can do that you've won half the battle.

Because I individually wrapped each hardback, movement of the jacket in respect to the book was prevented, and movement within the boxes was minimal (with bubblewrap against bubblewrap). And, because the bubblewrap was round each a couple of times, the overall protection afforded to the ~12/box (top, bottom, & sides) was more than adequate. I also felt there was a fair amount of protection from moisture; although it wasn't such an issue when I moved.

You've probably also got to watch that books are packed flat within each box, and you've avoided the temptation to put some in vertically to fill some gap! Then, the weight of boxes on boxes comes into play once actually moving; and those books may have weight pushing against the boards and spine in a damaging way.

I did have some volumes already tightly held in polythene bags, but I didn't employ the use of clingfilm or paper in packing. Regardless, it's going to take you a long time. But is certainly worth it for the protection of your Collection; which after all has probably taken you years to assemble.

If I was going to pack again, I'd proably have padded the bottom of the boxes better. I didn't have any problem with just plain brown sticky tape, but I suppose you'd want to use something like duct tape (as Wayne states) if not moving the boxes yourself.

When Christina moved to the U.S. from London, she had almost no furniture but a lot of books (about 6,000 volumes)...

I like this -no furniture! I can just imagine Christina making a little table out of a few books lying around in order to eat her dinner.

10,000+ is a bit excessive don't you think Wayne? My one question is: do you and Christina have a (complete?) written (or more probably computer archived) list of all the books in your collection?

(In fact, no, I have more than one question!) Do you still remember what books are Christina's and what books are yours? Particularly books that you bought before the joining of the collections. Or is it definitively just 'one' collection now? And, is this (do you think/speculate) the biggest single collection of Tolkienalia in the World in private hands?

In fact just talk about your fabulous collection ...

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