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Re: BOOK COLLECTING: Moving Your Collection!

Subject: Re: BOOK COLLECTING: Moving Your Collection!
by Stu on 2008/10/23 21:03:00

Moving 6000 volumes! You guys always make me feel so inadequate! :)

Well I am in the process of moving from Western Australia to Brisbane, and I have started packing up the book collection. Probably 750 books all up, but only 150 or so are my Tolkien hardback collection with maybe another thirty Tolkien paperbacks).

I am taking the route of individually wrapping each of the hardbacks in removalist paper (not sure about the acid status of this paper, but apart from the various slipcased Deluxe Editions, the books all have DJ protectors, so the actual contact of the paper to the books is minimal - it's more to stop the DJ moving relative to the book and to provide a bit of bump protection) and then these are going into bubblewrap-lined book removal boxes with extra reinforcement and lots of crumpled removalist paper between each book.

I think moisture is going to be the biggest enemy, so I was also planning on lining the boxes with a sealed thick bin liner and then taping this carefully to absolutely seal the boxes against moisture and the probably significant variations in temperature and humidity that may occur during transit and storage (the other thought I had was to clingfilm each individual paper-wrapped volume - but that seems like a lot of effort if I can effectively seal the boxes, but I may still just do this for the 30 or so most important books).

And then I have to get the sword collection prepped for storage (lots of heavy oil) and wrapped... Sigh

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