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Re: Books from Tolkien's Personal Library??

Subject: Re: Books from Tolkien's Personal Library??
by Beren on 2008/10/12 6:29:41

I'm able to confirm that the David Miller story is correct. He did indeed, a very long time ago, do take out the signatures and bind them into first edition sets. Like this one:

Still he stopped doing that a long time ago and think he would never do it again. A bookseller also needs to learn a lot on the road. And to be honest, back then, no one was really interested in Tolkien academical works. I even remember a sale by Maggs where a huge lot of books from Tolkien's personal library did not find a buyer. Back then you could however sell a first edition with a tipped in signature..

Still it is a sad thing that it happened, and good that he did sell them of for 100$ and not threw them away. I have to check however if these books were on the loomebooks list (sorry did not find time yet to do so).

The JRRT could have been written by anyone. And can be seen on several books from Tolkien's library. It is just a thing that was put in to retain the origin of the book, same goes for the Tolkien Library Stickers... but in the end it is always difficult to proof the origin if no real signature remains. Sadly enough a lot of people tend to fake books and try to gain a lot of money by doing so.
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