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Re: Tolkien Dedication

Subject: Re: Tolkien Dedication
by Beren on 2008/10/24 0:19:46

by the way... what do you think of Tolkien's translation of "The Lord of the Rings" into " i Turin i Cormaren "? Never seen it as such before.

I'm not a linguist, but find it interesting none the less. Tolkien in one place rendered "The Lord of the Rings" as _Heru i Million_ in Quenya, but the word Mil or Millë for ring does not appear elsewhere; in the Lord of the Rings itself, Tolkien twice uses the word corma, in which case the title should have be Heru i Cormaron.

The Sindarin equivalent would be Hîr i Chyrf, but I don't actually know if Sindarin had the word corf = corma. Anyone can help?

Also this was written to "Philip Brown" and Tolkien invited him because he had the "right qualifications", anyone knows anything about a Philip Brown? They communicated both by writing on Merton Collage cards. Tolkien did write a first invitation to Brown on the 30th of May 1973 and then some communication back and forward. They saw each other on the 6th of June 1973. Anyone knows anyhting?
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