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Re: Dear Reverend Father

Subject: Re: Dear Reverend Father
by Beren on 2008/10/24 13:30:43

Well, it is incredible indeed... cannot believe it myself. But everything points to it that they belong together. Date the same, both mentioning Rev. And the letter fits in perfectly (although I have put it flat again of course, and will not leave it sit in the envelope).

It is a crazy collector tale, one to be remembered and told for many years to come! Coming home I rushed to my Tolkien letters to find the envelope and the letter. I was still thinking the letter was bigger then the envelope... somehow I remembered it to be a bit larger. But no, it was much smaller then I expected and holding it against the envelope I knew Wayne was right. I could have jumped up of excitement.

I did immediatly show my wife and then (after carefully putting it away again) took my family to go out and eat. Like a little celebration. I'm sooo happy to have the items reunited and I can't believe how both items ended up in my collection. Never expected something like this!
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