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Re: Super Deluxe Children of Hurin - Great Price for U.S. Collectors!

Subject: Re: Super Deluxe Children of Hurin - Great Price for U.S. Collectors!
by Túrin on 2009/2/22 6:35:36


Thank you.. just placed an order for the HarperCollins Deluxe Edition JRR Tolkien Collection Set. I've waited months for an affordable price to appear on this set. I nearly broke down and paid aftermarket ($800-$850) for it a couple of times, so glad I held out. Thanks - Stu..!

In regards to the continuing Super Deluxe Children of Húrin saga, I've an interesting tidbit to add..

I placed an order for a copy of the Super Deluxe CoH in November 08, just prior to the advent of the 10% & 20% discounts. The number received from that order was 335. In Jan 09, responding to Alps 20% coupon and looking to soothe the sting from paying full price for that one copy, I placed an additional order for 2 more copies. The turn of events from this order took me by surprise.. I was astonished to see the numbers received to be 336 and 337.

I'm not complaining by any means, just a little perplexed. Although the orders were placed some time apart.. I still end up with consecutive numbers; 335, 336 & 337. How is this possible.. the odds for this have to be astronomical? Devine intervention..? I think not, it was done however by someone who I owe a debt of gratitude to, but how is it that you report receiving #443, nary a week after my unbroken sequence arrived. Was there not one single copy sold between the time of my November order and my 2nd order in January.. and then in that one week between me receiving #337 and you receiving your #443, 106 copies were rapidly sold.. can that really be!?

I'm not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, but this sure is strange!! This HarperCollins company sure has some strange going ons..!! All this intrigue make me thirsty.. time for me pint

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