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Re: American Two Towers First Edition, Later Printing

Subject: Re: American Two Towers First Edition, Later Printing
by Findegil on 2008/12/1 22:51:29

Deagol, although we admit to not being the best of correspondents over the past few years, while finishing complicated books and household renovations and dealing with health issues, according to our files we've happily answered a number of your messages, none of which (that we received, anyway) was a request to post a version of Steve's guides. (Of course, we can't speak for Steve, who we know has moved house and jobs in recent years and is relatively less active in Tolkien circles.) In any case, neither the lack of a reply nor the fact that something is temporarily out of print is justification for posting copyrighted material without permission to a public site, as opposed to private communication. The privilege of putting Steve's articles on the Web, if it were to be done, should be his, and ours.

Khamul, we did take your comment as tongue in cheek. We get a lot of requests for back issues -- just about every new subscriber wants the complete set (oh, these collectors!) -- and will honour them as soon as possible. Since the Tolkien Collector went on hiatus at the end of 2002, we've changed computer hardware and software, and our original setup became functionally obsolete. So Wayne is having to shift and revise all of the files, which takes time but will make reprinting much easier when it's all done.

Wayne & Christina

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