My brother in Charlotte, NC, US, is a computer geek. Every so often he "googles" my name to see what pops up. Long story short: his latest search has resulted in my posting the following information to this thread:

I am Michael Blashka. In the mid- to late-1960s I attended John H. Glenn High School (9th through 12 years of schooling if this post is going outside of the US) in East Northport, Long Island, NY. Those were the years in which I read "There and Back Again" and the trilogy for the first time (and probably second and third times, as well).

Although I have no recollection of writing the letter to Tolkien referred to by Trotter and Urulókë -- a letter I was not smart enough to copy --, it certainly seems like something I would have done as I was totally absorbed by the history, prior ages and mythos of Middle Earth at that age.

I recognize that the purpose of this website is to experience Tolkien's artifacts and thought processes, but I must say that I'm both amused and a bit irritated by his reply to my letter. (By the way, I never did receive anything from Ms. Hill.) Regardless of my imagining of "King Ephedelos" and the new kingdom of "Eruidor", I certainly was not cracked/drugged at that age.

In any case, this whole episode brings back both memories of good times more than forty years ago as well as pangs of regret for lost innocence.

And if anybody out there knows where I can get a copy of my original letter (I certainly can't afford the auction price for Tolkien's reply) I'd appreciate hearing from you.

Michael Blashka
Dallas, TX, US