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Boxed Set 1987 Unwin Hyman

Boxed Set 1987 Unwin Hyman

May 9 (edited)

Hello I have a lovely boxed set of Lord of the rings hardback books in a slipcase, 1987 Unwin Hyman.
Would anyone be interested in this set?
With thanks


1_5af3810806eda.jpg 480X640 px

1_5af3810e1f238.jpg 480X640 px

1_5af3828d3f415.jpg 480X640 px

1_5af3829347430.jpg 480X640 px

1_5af3829980e82.jpg 480X640 px

1_5af3829ec5f92.jpg 480X640 px

1_5af382a487052.jpg 480X640 px
May 9
There may well be - can you post pictures of your set? If you click on the "reply" button at the bottom of your post, the form has an image upload option.
May 9
Trying to upload but won’t let me for some reason! Will keep trying

May 9
Hi James,

you can email them to me : *** and I will take a look.

First thing to look at, there are some upload limits:

Maximum file size: 10000K;
Allowed extensions: gif jpg png jpeg
May 9
Ok Jeremy I’ll do that

Thanks James
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