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2018 Galacian Hobbit

2018 Galacian Hobbit

May 21, 2018

Sorry it took so long to find the time to post these, but I have received my copies of Moisés Barcia's translation of The Hobbit into Galician. It is a beautiful edition! The binding is nice (sewn), the boards are solid, the maps (and runes!) are translated too, the color plates are well reproduced (with the titles translated, but otherwise not modified) and the paper quality is thicker and of a creamy color rather than bright white, which I quite like. I am quite happy to add this edition to my collection!

1_5b03126049a72.jpg 2448X3264 px

1_5b03126b5aa0b.jpg 2448X3264 px

1_5b0312790b0b0.jpg 2448X3264 px

1_5b031287d6583.jpg 2448X3264 px

1_5b03129556afc.jpg 2448X3264 px

1_5b0312a4ad8c1.jpg 2448X3264 px
May 21, 2018
It really is a beautiful edition.
I am tempted to start collecting other languages besides english editions.
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