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Interesting eBay Auctions

Interesting eBay Auctions

Mar 14, 2012

I am going to start putting interesting eBay auctions I run across (separate from the head scratching thread The Wonders of eBay ) that I think are interesting or worth a look. Feel free to add your own, or add commentary on anything posted here. I am not the seller or affiliated with any of these sellers, by default.
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Mar 9
Seller: worldofrarebooks (86097)
Ended Mar 19, 2018
Here's another copy, less desirable but very reasonably priced, from the same seller:

eBay Item #132532070677
Apr 13
Seller: famous_j_mortimer (317)
Ended Apr 20, 2018
[18 Bids]
Not sure how rare these are or what a good asking price is...

Seems like a decent price for an Uncorrected Proof of The Silmarillion (Houghton Mifflin): eBay Item #162996045243
Apr 13
Note: Price was originally $75 Buy-It-Now; that changed quickly.

251_5ad004a1a949c.jpg 949X266 px
Apr 13
Interesting - there's at least one typo visible - "The History of the Silmaris" in the third picture (attached here). I wonder what else was caught in the proof stage, as this did not make it into the first edition. The page ordering visible is different from the first US edition, as well.

1_5ad00d28cea82.jpg 749X999 px
Apr 15
Seller: salish_sea_books (3688)
Ended Apr 15, 2018
Not sure if this goes here or in "Wonders" - ex library copy of Thesaurus

eBay Item #162787450035
Apr 15
HM, I've got one of those, together with the promotional leaflet:

247_5ad3d8b9b8b01.png 960X1280 px
Apr 15
... and companion booklet:

247_5ad3d8e8c2093.png 960X1280 px
Apr 15
... and letter from the author:

247_5ad3d90d11692.png 960X1280 px
Apr 15
What do you think, $1000 for the lot on eBay? ;)
Apr 15
Nice, and thanks for the pictures! I haven't run across a Tolkien Phraseology yet myself.

Given that the Thesaurus was snapped up (by someone here?) as soon as I posted it, perhaps you could get a nice price for your collection on eBay (and pay for an upcoming trip?) Too rich for my blood though.

I'm trying to decode one word from Mr. Blackwelder. He says "Some less justifiable omissions will be [cited?] by Bratman in Mythprint." I assume you can help?
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